Our guide to sending gifts abroad

If you have friends or relatives living overseas, you’ll know the headache of trying to find gifts to send abroad. Firstly, you have to find something they want, at a price you want to pay. Then you also need to consider if you are allowed to send it and what it will cost to post. The simple act of giving a thought gift suddenly becomes not so simple at all. So, here’s a few of things to consider when looking for the perfect postable present:

  • Can you send it abroad?  There is a long list of items which can’t be sent through the post. Usually this is  because they pose a danger in transit (glass, items with batteries etc). But some things, perfume, food or leather goods for example, maybe prohibited altogether in certain countries. (See the link to Royal Mail Country Sending Guides for further details on this.)
  • Is it breakable? Is the gift fragile or insufficiently packaged? You’ll need to consider the type of handling it might encounter on its journey overseas – you want your gift to arrive in good condition.
  • Size? You’ll also need to consider its size. Can you find packaging to fit it? And most importantly will it be able to fit through a letterbox? You don’t want your gift to sit unattended on a doorstep or for the recipient to have to make a special trip to a depot to collect it.
  • Cost to post? And finally what will it cost to post? We’ve all bought presents that have ended up costing more to post then they cost to buy, either because they are too heavy or simply an awkward size.

Gift Art – the perfect present for sending abroad

Study of Small Feathers Gift Art - with personalised message
Personalised Gift Art with a personalised message

Our selection of personalised Gift Art is one solution to this ever present problem.

Our high-quality giclée prints include: a frame with acrylic safety glazing and specially designed secure packaging. So, you can be assured they are permissible and should arrive in one piece.

We have also made sure that our packaging and the gift itself are both lightweight and letterbox friendly, so there should be no nasty surprises when you pay for postage.

Sending gifts from the UK – post Brexit

As an individual, you are able to send gifts to family and friends directly. Most countries have a personal gift allowance. (See Royal Mail Country Sending Guide for details).

So why not take advantage of our free postage within the UK and have your chosen piece of Gift Art sent to you first.

Just make sure you complete the customs form (CN22) at the post office. Mark it as a “Personal Gift” and add the item details as “Print with Frame.”

Sending a gift to the UK from Europe or Overseas.

If you live outside the UK and want to send a gift to a friend or relative within the UK, you can purchase our products and we can deliver them for you free of charge. This will  save you a visit to your local post office and the expense of international shipping altogether.

Not a gift? Delivery of personal purchases to Europe and worldwide

If you are purchasing any item for yourself to be delivered outside the UK, please be aware that items will be sent Duties Unpaid and you will be liable for any import taxes, handling fees and onward delivery charges in the destination country. Please check with your local customs office prior to checkout, so that you are aware of all costs before making a purchase. We continue to investigate mechanisms for collecting duties at the point of purchase, but as a small business this is currently not financially viable for us to do.